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Integrative Holistic Wellness

Balance is often thought of as a stable or stationary state. If you've ever stepped on a balancing board, however, you know that balance is an active process of constant adjustment and compensation, requiring the cooperation of all parts of the body and mind. Balance in life can be challenging, but so rewarding. Balance comes of self-care at mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and practical levels. It comes of having boundaries that honor your being and your needs and learning to communicate them effectively. When we're physically unwell, it tends to take a toll on our mental and emotional well-being, as well as our relationships as a result.  When we're out of balance, whether overworking, struggling with our mental health, isolating, struggling with addiction... our overall well-being suffers. Have you realized that it's time to make real changes in your life? Have you felt stuck, stagnant, or lost for direction? Learn to take control of your well-being with integrative support tools and techniques. Let go of pain and energetic ties that are no longer serving you, and develop the skills to achieve Balance & Thrive!

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A Journey to Healing

A survivor of multiple sexual traumas as well as psychological and emotional abuse, in 2013, I began a journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth. During my time as an undergraduate student at Loyola University New Orleans, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Latin American Studies, I began to become aware that my early childhood experiences were having greater effects on me, my behavior, and my personality, than I had imagined. It came to my attention that there was likely much more to the story residing in my shadow (*A Jungian term for parts of ourselves we have rejected and thereby shoved into the unconscious, where they may rule our behavior without our awareness), than I'd realized.And so I began the process of seeking and healing. I've worked with many therapists, and am currently in school to become one myself, studying clinical psychology at Pepperdine University. In the meantime, however, I have picked up a number of incredibly valuable tools along the way. I am a practitioner and teacher of Yoga, specializing in Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, and Chair Yoga. I am passionate about sharing the lifestyle approach that Yoga offers as a path to alignment and "Yoga" or "Union" of mind, body, and spirit. I offer group and private yoga sessions, with available package options so that you can choose what works best for you.In addition to Yoga, I've found the value of Reiki nearly incomparable in my journey. Releasing blockages, helping to open up and enliven the flow of energy through my body and life, releasing pain, easing nausea...It is truly a wonderful tool, and one that I am so grateful to be able to share. In my time working in substance abuse treatment, I've developed a passion for Life Coaching. I find that people are capable of so much when offered a sounding board and the structure and support to develop visions to attain their goals. Most recently, I have expanded my education and training into the realms of bodywork and sound therapy, further extending the holistic reach of therapeutic tools which I may offer to help you achieve balance in mind, body, and spirit! I can't wait to support you in your journey to find your Balance and Thrive!

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