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Limited Offer!

Extended Somatic Healing Sessions

90-minute intuitive somatic healing sessions which may include Reiki, massage, crystal and sound healing. *Thursdays only*


Put Your Life Into Focus

Introductory Evaluation & Assessment


Meet Nicole and review relevant personal and medical history. Learn about Nicole's approach to wellness, and collaborate to create a treatment plan, which may incorporate treatment for allergies and hypersensitivities, nutrition, hormonal and gut health, bodywork, energy work, coaching, trauma work, sound, and/or other somatic healing modalities. 

NAET or Brief Somatic Session 


One NAET allergy elimination treatment, emotional releasing energy work session, chakra balancing, or brief bodywork or coaching session. Sessions are scheduled for 15 minutes.

*Must first complete introductory evaluation session.*

Brief Session Package

10 sessions for only $810!

Save 10% when you pre-pay for a package of 10 brief sessions. Multiple "sessions" may be used in one visit if additional services are indicated and time allows.

*Must first complete introductory evaluation session.* 

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